Mr. Namit Khanna 

Namit Khanna is a dynamic leader, a graduate with BA (HONS) Business Administration from Kingston University London. With a rich legacy in the amusement industry, Namit has seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role, meeting all the needs of his diverse clients.

Under the guidance of his father, the late Nawal Khanna, Namit has been an integral part of the success story of Indesign International for the past eight years. Since 2021, Namit Khanna has been at the forefront, spearheading operations from the head office in Delhi. His strategic vision and dedication to his father's principles have propelled the company into a new era of creativity and direction.

Beyond the office, Namit is a fervent sports enthusiast and a seasoned global traveler. His love for sports, coupled with a spirit of exploration, has not only shaped his character but has also broadened his understanding of diverse cultures and entertainment preferences.

Namit Khanna's extensive travels have cultivated a deep awareness of the latest technologies and games from around the world. This global perspective is a driving force behind the company's commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, ensuring that Indesign International continues to set the benchmark in entertainment innovation by providing the best products coupled with service.

Indesign International is committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment, delivering unforgettable experiences with a blend of tradition, innovation, and global influence.